Troubleshooting Apache di FreeBSD

Troubleshooting Apache di FreeBSD

Ini hanya sekedar catatan beberapa permasalahan dan solusi pada instalasi Apache di sistem operasi FreeBSD yang pernah saya temui, siapa tau ada yang menemukan masalah yang sama kan bisa jadi contekan :D, atau malah saya sendiri yang ketemu lagi *lhoh*, biar nggak lupa jadi mending di tulisa saja.

Error authz_host_module dengan error berikut

Syntax error on line 73 of /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Invalid command 'Order', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included
in the server configuration

Solusinya, aktifkan modul authz_host_module di file config apache

LoadModule authz_host_module modules/

Jika versi apache 2.0.x solusinya aktifkan mod_access berikut

LoadModule access_module modules/

Error http Accept Filter, dengan pesan error berikut

httpd not running, trying to start
[Thu Jan 06 11:35:46 2011] [warn] (2)No such file or directory: Failed to enable the 'httpready' Accept Filter

Error di atas di sebabkan karena modul “accf_http”, berikut penjelasan mengenai modul accf_http

This is a filter to be placed on a socket that will be using accept() to receive incoming HTTP connections. It prevents the application from receiving the connected descriptor via accept() until either a full HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 HEAD or GET request has been buffered by the kernel. If something other than a HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 HEAD or GET request is received the kernel will allow the application to receive the connection descriptor via accept().

The utility of accf_http is such that a server will not have to context switch several times before performing the initial parsing of the request. This effectively reduces the amount of required CPU utilization to handle incoming requests by keeping active processes in preforking servers such as Apache low and reducing the size of the file descriptor set that needs to be managed by interfaces such as select(), poll() or kevent() based servers.

The accf_http kernel option is also a module that can be enabled at run-time via kldload(8) if the INET option has been compiled into the kernel.

Solusinya aktifkan modul kernel accf_http menggunakan perintah kldload

kldload accf_http

Untuk membuat modul kernel ini otomatis di load ketika komputer booting, maka tambahkan opsi untuk mengaktifkanya pada file /boot/loader.conf dengan perintah beriku


Sekian dulu pemirsa, sampai jumpa di lain kesempatan 🙂

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